Tropical Body Treatments
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Volcanic Clay Body Scrub for Cellulite 1Hr.30 Mins.

There is no quick fix for beating the orange peel on the thighs.  But this will help as mineral–rich clays seep into the skin to break down fat cells.  This gentle body exfoliation leaves your skin silky smooth followed by a body massage using coconut oil with a combination of essential oils that best treats cellulite.


Coconut Body Scrub for Sensitive Skin 1Hr.30 Mins. $170.00

Some 60-70 percent of women believe they have sensitive skin; if you fall into this category, try one of nature’s treats.  Freshly shredded young coconut—rich in nutrients but not overly abrasive on the skin is rubbed all over your body followed by a carrot skin conditioner and a wonderful relaxing body massage.

Coffee Body Scrub for Rough Skin 1Hr.30 Mins. $170.00

Want something different? If you love the smell of coffee then imagine the most fragrant of blends is smothered all over your body.  This coffee body scrub is rougher than some and ideal for male or rough skin but will absolutely leave your skin feeling smooth and the carrot skin conditioner replenishing any loss of moisture through the exfoliation process. This is completed with a rejuvenating body massage.


Papaya Body Polish                             
1 Hr. 20 Mins. $150.00

Papaya contains papain enzymes which naturally soften and revitalize the skin when absorbed.  Pureed papaya is smeared into all the crevices of the body.  While you wait for nature to work it’s magic , this is the ideal moment for your head massage.  This is followed by a relaxing  body massage using lavender and other blends of essential oils.


Cucumber Wrap for Sunburnt Skin      
45 Mins.        

Feel the heat seep out of your sunburnt body using cucumber and essential oils.  The cucumber feels cool on tender skin and you can sense the heat being drawn out of your body whilst it also moisturizes, moisturizing is optional.