Written by Sarona Mona
Wednesday, 17 July 2013 23:42
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Today we dedicate this Blog post to someone very dear to Lufilufi-Her younger brother Randy. He passed away a few days ago and our hearts and prayers are with the family. Losing a loved one, who was an extraordinary individual is really tough.

Although we may have never met Randy before, we know through the stories that Lufi told us, he was a GREAT brother with the Biggest Smile.

Rest in love and peace Randy and may God bless the family and friends.

Guess who visited us?
Written by misilukiadmin
Monday, 08 July 2013 01:19
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That’s RIGHT!

He came in our very own spa for a 1 hour Fofo (massage) with our Beauty Therapist. This goes to show that even our very own Manu Samoan Players needs time out to relax, unwind, and feel good again and so do you.

Come on down to our Spa and make an appointment with our Beauty Therapists for a massage that even Athletics come in for.

Natural Beauty
Written by Sarona Mona
Monday, 29 April 2013 03:18
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Sometimes we forget what true beauty is all about.

In fact, we forget where beauty is derived from.

True beauty, believe it or not, comes from within.

What does that mean?


Your personality, characteristics-who you are as a person defines your beauty.

Don’t forget true beauty cannot be bought, purchased, or traded.

Beauty is truly you.



Case Study:

This is Tumua Uelese, a young, bright, and hardworking 20 year-old. In the day time she is a full-time Assistant Director/Producer for her father's Production Company and at night, she's a full-time student. Tumua's beauty is one of a kind. A beauty illuminated from the inside out. Her love and compassion lies within her family as she keeps her family, friends, and loved-ones before anything else. One look at her and you know, this is what Beauty is all about. Her self less nature, humility, and kindness for others shows who she truly is.

If you happen to see her around Samoa,, then you'll know what I'm talking about.



MISILUKI-Skin Care Up and Coming
Written by Sarona Mona
Sunday, 17 March 2013 23:22
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We are looking forward to launching a new skincare line called Misiluki, produced and formulated from core ingredients found only in Samoa. Our key ingredient for our entire product is Samoan Virgin Coconut Oil- Grade A. It is manufactured in Savaii and supported by Women in Business, Community and Business. This project as been in progress for atleast 2 years now, so watch this SPACE.

If you’ve never tried Samoan Virgin Coconut Oil, YOU have to try it now.


As for our Spa, we’re doing quite well at the moment. We’re looking forward to seeing Yvonne back in action once again.

However, you’ll realize that there is no Samoan Spa like our Spa.




For more information about Samoa’s Virgin Coconut Oil visit this website:

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